At the end of May 2016, I completed my course work for my Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching certification through the Integrative Wellness Academy. I am now able to offer a more meaningful experience to my clients,  and I also learned resources and skills that I have integrated into my own rituals and habits. One of my favorite new exercises is setting daily intentions. An intention is essentially a set of actions you make to reach a certain desire or outcome. It may seem simple but like so many things, we often forget the power of directed and focused thoughts. There really is not an accidental way to make your dreams come true. Be ready and willing to take action. Begin each day with purpose, goals and outcomes. This is the best way to close the gap of where you are, to where you want to be.

Set your intentions

It’s important to have a clear focus on where you want to go. This is why goal setting is so important. I published an e-book and planning tool called the CSD Marketing Vision Tree (download yours for free). The Vision Tree is more than a vision board or an action plan, it helps you get clear about the internal and external areas of your life that you need to focus on, to reach your desired outcomes. This is a great visual reminder of your goals, and a great guide to intentional living. By selecting just one action or step that you can take toward each of your goals, is a great way to set your daily intentions.

Get started early

Let’s rewind a bit. A couple of years ago, as a new entrepreneur and a newer mom, I used to leave my day up to chance. I would get up and start moving through my day, always feeling a bit stretched and overwhelmed. Some days were great. Some days were awful. Most days were just unfocused and random. I knew there must be an easier way.

I started to create a morning ritual after hearing my Pastor suggest starting the day with prayer and reading the Bible. I used to be pretty diligent about my morning devotion, but had allowed the single mom/entrepreneur fears and stress, keep me tucked in the bed most mornings. I started by just waking up 15 min earlier than everyone in the house, and began to pray and read a few passages of scripture. I immediately felt the benefits from getting up early and entering a time of peaceful thought and prayer. I gradually started to wake up earlier and earlier, to add more things to my morning routine.

Create a morning ritual

Over time my morning rituals have changed. As I have evolved as a mother and a business woman, my morning rituals have changed with me. First of all, I wake up at least an hour before anyone in the house is awake. I still start with prayer and scripture, but I also spend a few minutes meditating to still my mind. I look at my schedule for the day, and I set intentions for what I plan to carry out. Some days it feels like a very rigorous to-do list. Some days my intentions are less specific, and more of a guided way of moving through my day. I set intentions for different areas of my life, like patience with my son, healthier eating choices, and being a help or support to someone.

My Daily Greatness Business Journal’s daily business question, to help me set intentions in my business each morning. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional, or a student, setting intentions is a valuable tool that you should add to your daily life.

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