In this tough economy, small businesses are always looking for ways to do the most with the least.  Marketing on a budget can often seem impossible–but it’s not. In the digital age, there are a lot of great resources made available, it’s just a matter of finding them and utilizing them to your benefit.  We’ve gathered together our favorite marketing strategies that require little to no investment, so get your brainstorming cap on and start thinking about marketing differently.

Sharing valuable content

If you don’t have a social media presence, then you’re not even trying, honestly.  Having a social media account that is both active and well-liked can provide the most inexpensive form of advertising and market penetration if you put in a little time and effort.  Facebook is a great place to start a small business page to interact with potential clients and partners.

Never Underestimate the Value of Imagery

If you’re making posts on social media that are just text and links to your website, you’re wasting your time without an eye-catching image, preferably in the form of a meme or infographic.  Social media is a cold place for small businesses who don’t have aesthetic or style.  Every post should have a relevant image to go with it, even if the post is just a simple quote or statement.  Once you’re able to comfortably put out a regular dosage of memes, charts, and infographics, then you’ll really start to see your marketing campaign take off.

Be Active in your Industry/Niche

Get involved with groups, forums, and communities online, such as Reddit, Facebook Groups, Google+ Communities, and so forth.  It doesn’t take a lot of time to build a presence online, outside of your own social media accounts, just be friendly, answer/ask questions, and really listen to the members of these groups, you’ll gain a lot of useful information for free.

Be an Authoritative Voice

Once you’ve built enough knowledge and experience in your niche/industry, start doing guest spots on authoritative websites, try to pitch ideas to large print and digital media publications, and get close to the taste makers of your industry.  As soon as you get your voice out there, you’ll become a known force and a voice to be respected.  It sounds easier said than done, but if your marketing strategy doesn’t include long-term goals like that, it will prove to be limited in scope and opportunity for you and your business.

When in Doubt Ask for Help

Having a good marketing strategy is understanding how to fully integrate all the things that you are doing in the most efficient and effective way. Sometimes things that you do in other areas of your business, like customer service, can still help amplify your marketing efforts. If you think you would benefit from an integrated marketing plan or a focused social media strategy, be sure to complete an inquiry form today!

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