CSD Marketing and Consulting is a well-established, multi-faceted company in San Diego, California. We offer
one-on-one coaching to train and condition leaders and business owners for better decision-making.
“I already have a business, why do I need a Coach??” Entrepreneurship is not for wimps. Even the strongest and savviest leaders need help navigating the “mountains” and “valleys” of business. Coaching can prepare you for the boom of a business that’s growing faster than expected or help you focus or redirect your thoughts and energy when you’re starting over or refreshing a business or career.
“As a Master Certified Business, Career and Performance Coach through the Integrative Wellness Academy, I help my clients stay congruent with their values and purpose in business and in life. My goal is to empower you to learn life-long lessons and techniques to create the reality you desire. At CSD Marketing, you’re part of our family of small business owners and entrepreneurs who are on a journey toward excellence. We’ll come alongside and equip you with tools to help you pursue and achieve your dreams.”

CSD Marketing is here to help you and your business with customized Coaching

“The only thing wrong with my business is… I don’t have a life!” Our approach is holistic. With certification as an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, our CEO and Chief Strategist, Courtney Dade,
not only loves to help her clients create a plan of action to reach their goals, she coaches her clients to also focus on work-life balance and checks in with their progress as an accountability partner.

Coaching services we provide

At CSD Marketing, you’re neither a problem to be “fixed” nor a question to be “answered”. Coaching sessions are customized to meet your need. It may be a one-time session to deal with a specific issue or a longer-term project. You will determine how much coaching you want or need. With flexible pricing and timing – in person, online, or by phone – we are here to support your success. While Coaching sessions are customized for you, there is a basic flow:
01Needs Assessment
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Where are you on your journey and what challenges are you facing?
02Focusing In
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Let’s focus on the underlying factors and unpack them to find the core issue. If there is something out of balance in your spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional system, your business will suffer.
03Action Plan
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I’ll help you create an action plan that fits your needs, and then help keep you accountable as you work toward your goals.

Why Choose Us?

We Are Committed to Excellence

Our approach with our clients is creativity supported by data-driven decision-making, innovative solutions through critical thinking and problem-solving, action that includes flawless execution, and the highest level of customer service with timely follow-up.

We Have a Unique Approach to Marketing

We offer diverse skills and experience across multiple industries, use systems-based marketing and business development solutions, achieve lead generation across marketing platforms, and implement integrative strategies to achieve optimal results.

We Keep It Real

The foundation of this business is built on the core values of Family, Authenticity, Integrity, Trust, and Honesty. We build support systems for a community of entrepreneurs and small businesses that feel like family. We care about you and your business. Your success is our success.

A Distinguished Community

Become part of our family of small businesses and entrepreneurs on their journey to excellence.
We always make our client happy