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CSD Marketing and Consulting is a San Diego, California based company that provides human resources and hiring support the business goals of small businesses and entrepreneurs
Small businesses generally don’t have huge HR departments to meet their needs. Yet, they must follow labor laws in recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees. There’s a lot of detail, and it’s difficult to manage when you’re trying to grow your business.

Do you need to find and keep the right person at the right time to be a role player in growing your business?

The biggest cost of doing business is typically labor. Labor costs include wages, benefits, payroll and other taxes, and can account for as much as 70% of total business costs. There’s a lot at stake when you bring on a new employee. And once they are a member of the team, they have certain rights and expectations under the law, as well as just needing support to be able to contribute to the success of your business.
The CSD Marketing and Consulting Recruitment and Hiring Team will help you by finding qualified candidates for a job opening and meet the demands of both you, our client, and your prospective employees throughout the hiring process. In addition, they will research, identify, and help you prepare required documents, procedures, and training to remain in compliance with State and federal labor laws and practices. We also offer support for employee mediations, terminations, and layoffs.

Our Human Resources and Hiring services include

We focus on building relationships between the client and the employment candidates. We also help candidates hone their résumés and prepare for interviews so that you get accurate information to make your decision. Once the candidate is hired, we can help develop and carry out onboarding processes.
01Source and screen candidates
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or experience, skill sets and values to find the best fit for you the first time
02Coordinate the interview process
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so that you focus on the interaction and not the logistics
03Facilitate offers and employee negotiations
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so you don’t have to, following your guidelines and protecting your bottom line
04Research, deliver, or facilitate:
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  • Employee Paperwork.
  • Employee Handbook.
  • Required Posters.
  • Performance Reviews.
  • Employee Development & Training.
  • Employee Recognition.
  • Employee Benefits.
05Support performance goals
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Providing support for employee mediations, terminations, and layoffs.

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