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CSD Marketing and Consulting is a well-established, multi-faceted company in San Diego, California. We will work with you to improve customer engagement and sales with Marketing Automation.
Business goals are fairly simple but achieving those goals has gotten complex. We layer on a bunch of tools, but we still don’t achieve the desired results. Why? Today’s tech stack is nearly impossible to manage. And without a plan… You are only capturing a percentage of web visitors, Leads are falling out of the funnel, Sales efforts are not focused on your best leads, You are missing opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, You see fewer renewals and lower customer retention, and You get piecemeal analytics without return on investment or insights to improve your effectiveness.

Our team of experts is here to help you use Marketing Automation to plan, coordinate, manage, and measure your marketing campaigns, both online and offline.

Marketing Automation provides a sales and marketing management platform with powerful automation capabilities. Its suite of tools empowers your sales and marketing teams to drive more leads, convert more leads to sales, and achieve the greatest possible return on investment. In other words, you’ll double down on what works and drop what doesn’t.
CSD uses SharpSpring Marketing Automation for its clients. This platform stores all sales and marketing data in one place, making it the perfect control center for running your marketing and sales campaigns. All of the tools necessary for optimizing these campaigns are also built into Marketing Automation, so you can quickly obtain valuable insights and then act on them directly from the Marketing Automation platform.

Our Marketing Automation services will increase your effectiveness

By using Marketing Automation, you can create a custom plan with strategies for every stage of the buyer’s journey. Our team has expertise in…

  • Lead generation, nurturing, and conversion tactics,
  • Advanced customer segmentation,
  • Analytics and reporting for end-to-end ROI on every lead, and
  • Ongoing channel management and optimization
01Benefits for Marketing:
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  • More Lead, Less Spend
  • See an end-to-end picture of the customer journey, from the first interaction to conversion and beyond.
  • Track leads acquired through both online and offline channels, including phone calls.
  • Know which campaigns are most effective and increase the number of leads that come in without increasing spending.
  • Create automatic email marketing campaigns based on the behavior of your leads.
  • 02Benefits for Sales:
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  • More Sales, More Revenue
  • Use VisitorID to identify anonymous web visitors, and easily create new lead records using the integrated CRM.
  • Focus time on sales-ready leads that have already been nurtured with relevant content and prioritized with custom lead scoring.
  • See the complete history of every lead, and shape your sales pitch around his or her specific interests.
  • Create alerts for salespeople on hot lead activity so they can immediately reach out whenever a lead demonstrates interest in making a purchase.
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    We Are Committed to Excellence

    Our approach with our clients is

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    • innovative solutions through critical thinking and problem-solving,
    • action that includes flawless execution, and
    • the highest level of customer service with timely follow-up.

    We Have a Unique Approach to Marketing

    We offer diverse skills and experience across multiple industries, use systems-based marketing and business development solutions, achieve lead generation across marketing platforms, and implement integrative strategies to achieve optimal results.

    We Keep It Real

    The foundation of this business is built on the core values of Family, Authenticity, Integrity, Trust, and Honesty. We build support systems for a community of entrepreneurs and small businesses that feel like family. We care about you and your business. Your success is our success.

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    We understand your concern for the safety and security of your personal as well as business data. We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your data.

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