CSD+ is the perfect solution for solopreneurs and business owners with small teams

Are you:

  • Overwhelmed trying to run and market your business?
  • In desperate need of a clear, actionable strategy?
  • Looking for mentoring support while marketing your business?
  • Ready for marketing systems that take your brand to the next level?
Learn how Core Strategy Development Plus (CSD+) adds value to your bottom line

To take the mystery out of marketing and let you focus on what you love, we work in 4 key areas:


Pinpoint the areas of your marketing that are causing you the most stress


Co-create an actionable, strategic marketing plan


Execute your plan with a highly qualified marketing team/family member


Continue to support you, your business, and your goals through community and ongoing partnership

With CSD+, you can focus on serving your customers, clients, patients, buyers, instead of trying to keep up with a million marketing details!

Here’s what CSD+ includes…

  • Meeting with Courtney Dade, our chief marketing strategist to understand your core business points, to build out your overall strategy and 30-Day Action Plan.
  • Developing, competitive analysis, best practices, and new opportunities based on your business goals and needs.
  • Working with a dedicated CSD account manager.
  • Receiving coaching and implementation support to execute your 30-day Action Plan.
  • Admission to an online community of small business owners and entrepreneurs for ongoing support and networking
  • Check-ins with your business partner throughout the process.
  •  Access to an array of resources and additional services appropriate for you, wherever you are in the business life cycle

Sample of services included in CSD+

Social Media Grids
Sales Funnels
Landing Pages
Email Templates
Branding Guides
Lead Magnets
Content Creation
Social Media Optimization


    Investment for Strategy Plan + 30 Days of Hands On Support:

$1500 Paid in Full or 2 payments of $750 per month

What happens next: 

Step 1: Schedule Your Discovery Call

Step 2: Complete our quick assessment questionnaire prior to the call.

Step 3: Attend a 30-minute Discovery Call

    What people are saying:

Meet Courtney and the Team

The biggest difference between CSD+ and other programs is the power of the team behind you! 

Courtney Dade

CEO and Chief Marketing Strategist

Courtney Dade has over 20 years of marketing experience, across several different industries. She has worked with passionate entrepreneurs and business owners for the past 10 years, as a trusted partner for their marketing and business development needs. She works with each client that comes through CSD+ program with their strategy plans and continues to be a resource and a support for all of the clients in the CSD family throughout the entire program.

Carolyn Tomaino

Designer and Account Manager

Carolyn Tomaino can consistently keep a pulse on the world around us. She brings a combination of graphic artistry, brand management and operations to the table. The variety in her work experience, along with her calm and supportive energy, makes her a perfect partner for our creative clients. Having worked as operations manager, Carolyn also understands the importance of creating marketing systems to help clients build and scale their marketing activities.

Macks Fleming

Social Media and Account Manager

Macks Fleming worked in hospitality and customer service, before joining the CSD Marketing team. Macks brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to business problems. His customer service background allows him to approach each problem as a challenge and each customer as family. With a focus on creating efficient systems, Macks lives by the philosophy of “work smarter, not harder.”

    CSD+ FAQs

This is much more than a coaching program. CSD+ provides you with a plan to help you identify or fine tune your marketing strategy. There are working sessions with different team members of CSD Marketing and Consulting, to mentor you throughout the process. PLUS, the CSD Marketing team will help you execute the marketing plan for 30 days.

Each strategy plan is as unique as you are. Every
business owner works at their own pace. As a full-service agency, we can support you with the marketing activities that you need the most help with during the first 30 days.

Each client begins their journey working with our Chief Strategist, Courtney Dade, to develop their strategy plan. After that initial planning session you will have a dedicated account manager, who will be your main point of contact and will know your brand the most. However, the entire CSD Marketing Team may work on your account at any given time, depending on the expertise that’s needed.

A Distinguished Community

Become part of our family of small businesses and entrepreneurs on their journey to excellence.
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