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Your goal is execution—implementing the plan successfully, making or procuring the high-quality product, finalizing the sale. To get there requires effectiveness—doing the right thing well—and efficiency—doing the right thing well without waste. One element of waste is the speed at which we are able to complete essential tasks. And one such task is being available to our clients, partners, vendors, and team members, particularly.

That’s why an efficient calendar and scheduling system is so critical to your operation. This week in the CSD Circle, we highlight one of the tools in our business app, CSD Connect. If you’ve joined the Circle, read one of this week’s posts about the benefits of using CalendarHero.

Managing Time is a Habit

There is no shortage of time management gurus and self-help books online and on book shelfs. Steven Covey, one of the most famous of the business gurus, created an international movement from his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Habit number 3, Put First Things First, is all about prioritizing what you do and using your time effectively. When you investigate the habits of some of the most successful businesspeople, you’ll find that they’ve spent their careers managing their time as wisely as they do their finances and their organizations. After all, they manage to cram a lot of activity in each day, think of visionary new directions for the business, and manage to find the time for a personal life.

Final Thoughts

The absolute opposite of efficiency is waste. When you use your CSD Connect app effectively, you will increase efficiencies and reduce wasted time, both within the business—for you, your team, and your customer—and for you, personally.


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