Did you know WordPress empowers nearly one-third of the websites globally? As a result, both small and large businesses are making an impression in the digital world to engage with wider audiences.

Getting WordPress development services helps to provide a smooth user experience and generate better results. But is this journey simple?

With tough competition in the market, it becomes challenging and important to understand the features of the WordPress platform. 

We will be exploring more about web development services to make this journey easier for you! 

What is WordPress?

It initially started with a simple blog platform but then evolved to become a feature-rich Content Management System. It is written using the PHP scripting language. You do not have to deal with any technical items, as the hosting company manages it. All you need to do is focus on building content and marketing. 

Here’s a list of benefits you’ll get after choosing WordPress development:

What are the must-known facts about WordPress?

1. It is the MOST POPULAR content management system (CMS) 

Many business websites are empowered with WordPress other than just handling CMS. That’s approximately 50 to 60% of the CMS websites. 


The first version of WordPress was introduced in the market on May 27, 2003. This means it’s been around longer than both Twitter and Facebook. 


This gives freedom to download and use WordPress by anyone or from anywhere. The source code is available free of cost to study, modify, use, and build upon. 

4. There is NO CEO 

As the platform is open-source, it is not owned by any company, which means no CEO. Developers run the project from all over the globe. It follows a deep decision-making process to allow anyone to submit patches, suggestions, bug reports, or more. 

5. Over 50,000 free PLUGINS 

These work as applications for your WordPress site. You can easily download and integrate them into your website to provide smooth performance and enhance the user experience. From building an ecommerce  store to adding a contact form, everything is simpler, particularly when working with a web development company in California.

6. It has an AUTO-UPDATE system

WordPress will automatically update itself for some minor releases that won’t hinder your website information. It also pushes plugin updates automatically if there are some vulnerabilities or threats found to the website. 

7. Many TOP BRANDS use WordPress 

Many websites that you may have heard of use WordPress. Forbes, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Facebook, NASA, and many more are using WordPress. It has powerful features to handle any website. 

8. It is available in 205 LANGUAGES 

WordPress will give you the freedom to build the website in 205 different languages. If your language is not available, it can be added using multiple plugins as there are hundreds of other options. 

What are the different types of services offered by WordPress development firms?

The majority of business people are planning to engage with the best web Development Company to build a well-designed and personalized website that will grab users’ attention. Some services you should look for are:

Web Development 

They will help you analyse the company requirements and build a beautiful mobile, PC, and large screen responsive website. Professional developers will customize the website to enhance your brand reputation in the digital world. 

API Development 

Once the business starts growing, you might need to integrate third-party applications to provide unique features and functionalities. A professional PHP web Development Company will give you systems like Google Analytics, MailChimp, Google Maps, and others by API integration. 

Performance and Security 

Your WordPress specialist should be knowledgeable and adapt to follow the best practices for your website. They will follow standard measures against security risks and malware attacks that affect your website’s reputation. 

Custom Plugin Development 

It is challenging to change the core WordPress code, and it might be disastrous for your platform. But experienced developers will make this process easier to adjust fundamental functionalities without hindering the code. This ensures a better user experience.

Support and Maintenance

Even after successfully creating a website, you may need some support to manage your website’s smooth user experience. WordPress’ developers will provide maintenance services, upgrades, expansions, tailored solutions, and more to meet your needs. 

Ecommerce Solutions

Industry experts will assist you with intelligent WooCommerce themes to meet your expectations. They will create a flawless and appealing store that generates high ROI and better user engagement. 

Website Migration 

You might want to migrate your store without losing any data or changing your current performance. WordPress’ developers are experienced in performing database backups while transferring the site into a new server to ensure you do not lose anything. 

The Last Thought!

We hope you are now aware of some amazing facts, features, and benefits of WordPress development services. Being highly creative and effortless customization helps to match all the expectations and trends of the industry. 

Utilize the best experts who have the right skills, knowledge, and experience to unlock your platform’s best features and functionalities. 

CSD Marketing and Consulting is equipped, experienced, and eager to work with you on creating a WordPress website that meets your business requirements! Let’s connect.