Before you click off, this is a business article. It’s actually more than that, this is a blueprint for rising out of the chaos that we are currently experiencing. And really creating a way to rise out of any crisis that you may experience in the future. This article just happens to start with a large mythological bird… just stay with me for a minute.

The phoenix is a mythological creature seen in a variety of ancient folklore. She is the symbol of strength, resilience, renewal, and resurrection. She also happens to be on my logo and the next tattoo I get… if I can stomach another tattoo.

Phoenixes are depicted as bright and colorful, large birds that are associated with the sun. The most important thing about the phoenix, is not necessarily how they live, but how they die. According to legend, the phoenix would sense the end of her life, prepare an altar with fragrant wood, and set herself on fire until she was nothing more than a heap of ashes. She proactively put things into place in expectation of a major transformation. This is her reconstruction. Within the ashes, her life would begin to take shape again as her resurrection process begins. This is her rebirth. Finally, from the ashes, she is reborn as a young, powerful and majestic creature, ready to continue life toward a new future. This is her renewal.

Be the Phoenix in a Crisis

With the Coronavirus pandemic, each day brings another news brief, with new information, new directives, and new updates on losses. The information can be overwhelming and a lot to process. But what steps can you take to conquer the Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis within you, within your business? Let’s take a “feather” from the phoenix as we explore how we can reconstruct, rebirth, and renew our businesses.


The reconstruction phase is about proactively making preparations when the inevitable is here. The phoenix knew her life was ending, with no way of stopping or changing the outcome. She still took action, by preparing for her transition. There are ways that we can also prepare for an unexpected transition.

  1. Calm Down. Reduce the panic and anxiety so you are able to effectively assess the situation at hand.
  2. Care. Take care of the people and situations that require immediate attention.
  3. Communicate. Communicate to clients, customers, and employees any critical information they need. 


A full transition is going to require you to do the internal work. There needs to be a shift within each of us and our businesses, to effectively rise out of the chaos and confusion. Labor pains will certainly be a factor in this process, as you will have to fight through the limiting beliefs and strong emotions that are present during a crisis. Setting this foundation is key to building your comeback.

  1. Control. Take control over your negative thoughts and work to shift toward outcomes you want.
  2. Center. Refocus on your mission and realign with what you want to achieve long-term.
  3. Clarify. Identify specific actions you will take immediately to work toward your long-term goals.


Coming out of your crisis, you will not be the same business owner and you may not have the same business. Your goal should be to create an even better version of you and your business than what you previously had. This is the opportunity to take action and build–including building your tribe and your circles of influence–to prepare for a powerful first flight.

  1. Clean Up. Declutter, organize, and remove things from your business and life that no longer serve you and your realigned mission and goals.
  2. Create. Build and innovate.
  3. Collaborate. Leverage your community and network to amplify results.

Over the next few articles, we will take a deep dive into each of these transition phases to provide you with tips to apply to your life and your business. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone. We may be apart, but we’re in this together… so let’s get ready to soar!

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