Nearly all around the world, we see a consistent theme: “We’re Back!”  But what does that mean? Are we simply rewinding the clock to 2019 and picking up where we left off back then? Probably not.

For many of us, we modified our operations or started new businesses during an unprecedented time. The workplace and the marketplace changed. And now we need to figure out what that means for us on the other side, as business leaders, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

How do we integrate our pre-Pandemic and post-Pandemic realities into the new normal?


In July, August, and September we at CSD Marketing and Consulting are focusing our efforts on a campaign called RECONNECT. It encompasses three R’s – Review, Rebrand, Reintroduce – to learn and grow from our recent experiences, update our messaging and approach, and reintroduce ourselves to the marketplace.


To begin any planning, launch, or implementation effort, we first need to REVIEW what has changed in our business community and in our operations, and what that means for our customers. That could mean a website or social media audit and situational analysis to determine whether our content is still relevant for our customers in today’s environment.


Next, we use that information to REBRAND, to update our content, social media, products, services, look and feel, and other marketing assets to reflect the current message and brand personality we want to project.


Finally, we launch it. We follow an action plan and content calendar to get our renewed messaging and branding to current and potential customers. We want them to know, “We are ready to take you to the next level with our goods and services.”


Does it sound like a lot? It doesn’t have to be. You should always start with some form of review. But from that point on, we co-create a plan and launch design that aligns with your values, goals, needs, and budget.

We’re super excited to be able to offer a growing array of services to be able to customize and create an action plan just for you. So, come on. Let’s RECONNECT and get this party started!