“Perfect execution on poor strategy will not result in good ROI.” — Tom Bukevicius.

You are all geared up for your “end-of-season sale” event. You have set up your PPC campaigns and begun executing PPC advertisements. You are receiving significant traffic to your landing page. That’s amazing!

But then comes the shocking moment of truth! After a few weeks, you notice all your PPC ads are receiving significant traffic, but you are unable to make any sales.

So what’s the issue?

It can be incredibly demotivating to see substantial traffic coming to your ads, money getting deducted from your account, but no sales happening! The issue is with the PPC advertising efforts. And there can be several factors affecting a PPC campaign.

There is some roadblock in the user journey that’s repelling/prohibiting your customers from buying your products. This blog will discuss how to diagnose a problem with a PPC campaign and find an accurate solution to it.

Thankfully with experienced PPC management services, you can plan and execute a successful campaign.

Defining The User Journey In A Ppc Advertisement

In a PPC advertisement, a customer goes through several journeys and phases before purchasing a product. Typically, a PPC marketing journey includes:

Problems arising in any of the stages can lead to low sales volume and cart abandonment. A reputed PPC and SEO marketing service agency can guide you to solve these concerns and get maximum sales.

Why Ecommerce PPC Ads Fail: 4 Primary Reasons

Not serving your ads to enough people

The first and foremost reason why PPC campaigns fail is not serving your ads to enough people. To achieve a good number of Impressions, you’ll need to fire your PPC campaigns to the correct amount of audience.

Remember, you will need to achieve the correct number of impressions without sacrificing the quality by avoiding irrelevant traffic.

Here are two ways suggested by almost every best social media marketing company to solve this issue:

Not focusing on CTR

If you are receiving adequate Impressions but not getting enough clicks to your landing page, then the problem is your click-through rate.

This is the number of individuals who actually clicked your ad vs. the number of people who saw your ad (impressions)

CTR = Clicks / Impressions

The CTR depends on your niche and the type of keywords you are bidding on.

Here are a few solutions your hired PPC management services can utilize to increase your CTR.

Not presenting your product correctly

Product presentation holds immense value. When the user navigates to a product page, it indicates that the particular product has piqued their interest. So what’s stopping them from adding the product to the cart? There can be two problems product presentation and pricing.

Let’s see how we can manage these two challenges.

Review the product’s presentation:

Review product pricing:

Not giving importance to cart abandonment.

Cart abandonment is one of the major factors that can fail your PPC campaign miserably. The best social media marketing company will try to identify why your leads are rejecting your product in the final phase. Functional glitches, delivery charges, and not enough floor-up can lead to cart abandonment.

Here are three ways to address the cart abandonment challenge:

Run a test purchase: If you’re not successful in acquiring any sales, it may be worthwhile to run a test purchase. Check whether the entire process works smoothly from start to finish. Glitches during payment are alarming concerns during the purchase process.

Review delivery options: Sometimes, businesses don’t mention the delivery or shipping charges until the user reaches the cart stage. If you notice a high abandonment rate, try mentioning the charges earlier. Or, try offering free delivery by including the delivery cost in your product price.

Cart abandoner email campaign: If the user submitted their email address before abandoning the shopping cart, try sending them a personalized email reminding them to complete their purchase.

These three solutions can be adopted by your PPC and SEO marketing service agency,

According to Shopify, shipping charges are frequently voted as one of the primary reasons for cart abandonment —with an average abandonment rate of 69.8%.

Wrapping Up!

PPC marketing can be a tricky affair. However, the correct marketing strategy and avoiding these mistakes can help accomplish the campaign goal. Hire experienced PPC marketing services and plan an effective marketing strategy!