In the glorious journey of 20 years, WordPress has evolved significantly. During its long and storied history, many updated versions were released, introducing interesting new features and improved functionality.

In the WordPress realm, upgrading is a component that will remain constant.

The WordPress ecosystem is incredible. Currently, 40% of global websites are using the WordPress platform. And the future of this highly functional and user-friendly web development platform is bright.

Using the best WordPress development services, you can unlock the benefits and impressive features of the platform to develop your website.

In this article, we have gathered and carefully curated some amazing features of the WordPress platform that are trending in 2022.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 WordPress Trends To Follow In 2022

Integration Of No-Code Functionality And Low-Code Tools

Earlier, WordPress was easy to get started with. However, with added functionality and advancements, building a website on WordPress is not exactly easy for a non-technical person.

Lesley Sim, the co-founder of newsletter Glue, ponders upon the possibility of integrating no-code and low-code tools to improve the newcomer’s experience and enable them to get started easily.

An experienced agency for web development and content marketing such as CSD Marketing in San Diego can make your WordPress Journey easy and simple.

The Drag And Drop Features Are Not Going Anywhere.

The drag-and-drop page-building feature is one of the most celebrated and easiest ways to develop an entire website from scratch without significant technical expertise. This makes WordPress one of the most affordable web development platforms.

To continue the endeavor of providing a user-friendly web development service, the drag-and-drop feature of WordPress is here to stay.

However, it is suggested that you hire an experienced PHP web development company to unlock the complete potential of WordPress.

Integrating AI Within The Platform

Artificial intelligence has gained huge recognition in every industry in the past few years. AI helps to boost productivity and improve functionality. WordPress platform is no exception.

WordPress is already integrated with the best AI support that enables you to create powerful websites and personalize the content that resonates with your brand tone.

In 2022, we will witness increased integration of artificial intelligence to improve website functionality and content presentation.

Collaborating with an agency for content marketing San Diego can help you unlock the complete potential of AI integration within the WordPress realm.

One such popular example of AI in content marketing includes the WordLift plugin. It enables you to leverage AI for extracting facts, images, link graphical data, and visuals related to your content and brand to make it look more appealing.

Full Website Editing To Become The New Normal

Full site auditing can be defined as a collection of features that enables developers or users to edit and update the complete website by utilizing blocks rather than just posts and pages.

The collection encompasses global styles, templates, tools for designing, block patterns, etc.

While full site editing is still in the experimental stage, it is already making huge strides in the development of themes, navigational structures, etc.

The best WordPress development services company can help you leverage the benefits of the full website editing features to enhance your online presence in the industry.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an amalgamation of augmentation and virtual reality. Leveraging augmented reality, you can alter any real-life space replicas with digital objects.

This highly functional technology integrates software-generated images over real-world photos to enhance the online experience. In the near future, augmented reality will evolve from a luxury to a necessity for organizations venturing into portfolio websites.

The user-friendliness and scalability of WordPress will make it a lot easier to design a website from scratch that is VR/AR ready. Collaborate with an efficient PHP web development company to stay ahead of the competition.

Lazy Loading And Infinite Scrolling

Lazy loading and infinite scrolling enhance the user experience by improving the loading speed of your business website.

This involves loading only the relevant content. WordPress also provides a lazy-loading plugin that will help minimize the initial load time of your business website and web pages.

For example, if you require only a few images on the homepage, the lazy loading feature eliminates all unnecessary scripts and styles to enhance the user browsing experience.

Multi-Purpose Multimedia 

The best WordPress development services leverage multipurpose themes to design any type or style of business website with all relevant features.

Multipurpose themes unlock the flexibility of covering a wide array of website types. And that’s the primary reason for gaining immense popularity for multipurpose themes among WordPress developers and users.

What else? Multipurpose themes are modern, can be customized, and are supported with a dynamic plugin bundle. In simple words, you get the best of everything according to your business requirement.

Enhancement In E-Commerce Functionality

E-Commerce has presented a huge business opportunity. With an E-Commerce store, you can easily sell and present your product and services. In fact, today, digital payment has gained huge popularity for E-Commerce transactions due to its security and convenience.

In 2022, WordPress is all geared up to present improvement in E-Commerce functionalities and enhance the digital payment systems.

Dark/Night Mode Functionality

The dark mode is an incredibly remarkable ultra-modern website design (specifically, the background) that crafts a vibrant impression while retaining extraordinary clarity and visibility.

The best part about the dark mode is it appeals to the eye and reduces the chances of developing eye strain.

Therefore the target audience can focus more on content without straining the eye. Ensure to hire a reputed PHP web development company for developing your business website content.

Chatbot Plugins

Chatbots are becoming increasingly common in the customer service paradigm. With chatbots, you can easily automate several repetitive tasks, such as answering the same question over and over again or addressing the same query multiple times to different customers.

Chatbots can save significant time and resources. Therefore WordPress is making significant developments in improving chatbot plugins.

Final Thoughts

Properly leveraging the latest trends in WordPress development enables your website to stay updated, and you remain ahead in the intensely competitive market. Always hire a reputable agency or technical professional to design your website on the WordPress platform and unlock a plethora of benefits.