As business owners, we can get so caught up in the daily grind, what’s in front of us, those who need our immediate decision—the urgent calls for our attention. But if we are only driven by what is critical in the here and now, the must-do’s, we never have time to look critically on what we’ve accomplished, done well and not so well, or where we’ve failed. And we probably don’t make time to think about what’s next—what should be and what can be next.

And that’s just the business side of the house. As leaders, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, or go-to team members, we must take time to go through the same process for ourselves. That means thinking about the person we once were, have become, and want to be going forward. What does that look like and what would it take?

Looking Inward

While there are similarities in process, the focus of self-reflection is a little different. Am I my business? If so, is that what I want? Should the business change or go through hard times, is that a reflection on me, personally? And is that all that I am? What kind of partner, mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, am I, and what kind do I want to be?

For business, we need to look at analytics, trends, opportunities, upcoming changes in the workplace and in the market. For ourselves, we need devoted quiet time, or perhaps inspiration from others who, like us, seek continuous improvement in their lives.

Shining Outward

In business and in life, once we’ve identified a vision for who we want to be, and what we want to accomplish, we must take the steps to create that vision—to rebrand. The rebrand isn’t only a change in logo or color scheme. It’s not just a wardrobe update or a short-term dietary and fitness fix to reach that ideal weight.

Branding is more than looks. It’s attitude, values, outlook, the words we use, the relationships we build—both professionally and personally. And it’s not necessarily an overhaul of our values, but rather communicating and living those values with greater focus and intention. Let’s face it, sometimes our values fall off a bit in the face of the hustle and bustle. Rebranding can remind others and ourselves of the person or business we’ve always intended to be.

Reintroducing…Your Business and You!

After you’ve thought about how to reflect your vision outwardly, you do it. You reintroduce yourself with this change in focus. You put it all into place—the processes, the practices, programs, or products you want to launch. You put into place the revitalized approach, or revamped activities, or renewed attitude you want to take in your personal life. Just like a well-known mega-sports apparel and accessory company says, you just do it.

And when you do it, when you go for it, when you plan it, risk it, and take it—you’ll earn greater respect. That’s respect, interest, and growth in your business. And that’s respect for yourself and from others.

Final Thoughts

This third quarter of 2021 we’ve focused on the themes REVIEW, REBRAND, and REINTRODUCE. And we’ve also reflected on some of the aspects of self-care—mental, physical, spiritual. CSD Marketing and our strategic partners look forward to supporting your business goals as you look inward, rebrand for the future, and effectively manage the changes you introduce.

We’ve recommended products to help ease you into that quiet, contemplative state, as well as books to inspire you. We’ve provided suggestions for rethinking and reloading your business. And I am available to support you through your personal change process with business and life coaching. Click here to schedule a consultation about your needs and what would work best for you.

And remember that it’s all about reconnection, personally and professionally. And, at the end of the day, it’s all about RESPECT! Enjoy this flash back to the 70’s, courtesy of The Staple Singers.