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T3: Optimize Your Time, Talent, and Treasure

By Courtney S. Dade, CEO, Chief Strategist, CSD Marketing and Consulting

The phrase “time, talent and treasure” is often used in the context of philanthropy or church stewardship. Giving of our time, talent and treasure is considered the act of a virtuous person. It’s about contributing to the creation of a better world. The fact that we are using it in the context of business, however, should not be considered sacrilege or blasphemous in any way. Here’s why.

TIME. Time management optimally creates more time on our schedules to do other things. And those other things can include activities like volunteering and mentoring others or participating in community and church causes.

TALENT. The skills we build at work—for example, organizational development, leadership, diversity and inclusion, HR, finance, contracting—are totally transferrable and valuable in other contexts. They can and should be applied as we work in or with nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, and churches. 

TREASURE. Finally, growing our personal finances puts us in better shape as individuals and as businesses. We are then able to give to programs, causes and individuals more generously. When our business is healthy, offering in-kind services is much more feasible. When our personal finances are healthy, we are more likely to give more, and do so more consistently.

Final Thoughts

So, I realize some could take offense at our secularizing a traditionally “churchy” phrase used to encourage good stewardship—giving back, paying forward, tithing. But this phrase, although often applied to the parable of The Good Samaritan, doesn’t actually appear in the Bible. 

In addition, I would argue that living our whole lives under the influence of spiritual principles and beliefs about looking out for one another could never be a bad thing. And our “whole lives” is inclusive of the considerable amount of time we spend at work, and the way in which we operate our businesses.

So, our content theme for Q2/2021 has been unapologetically “T3: Optimizing Your Time, Talent and Treasure”. Click on the photos above if you want to reread some of my blogs on time, talent, and financial management. The free materials and activities we created for the theme are still available. So, it’s not too late to optimize! 

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