Because That’s The Way We’ve Always Done It!

In the world of business, change is a funny topic.

That’s “funny” as in “weird”, not “ha-ha”,

There are companies which, to their credit, embrace change to improve performance and achieve greater success. But there are also companies that avoid change, both tiny and wholesale, out of either fear or weariness.

One of the contributors to the allies’ victory in World War II, and one of Great Britain’s most famous and respected Prime Ministers, Winston Churchill, is famous for his quotable quotes. It so happens that Winston Churchill’s most popular quote about change gets directly to the point of our discussion here:

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

At CSD Marketing, we celebrate change in marketing strategies when it is either necessary or obviously beneficial. We do not encourage change for change sake. At the same time, we discourage companies from demanding that the way they operate today is the best way to operate tomorrow.

“Because that’s the way we’ve always done it,’’ is a poor excuse for maintaining the status quo.

If you are reluctant to make changes in your marketing operation, let’s discuss the possible reasons and see if it is actually a reason, or more of an excuse.

Fear of the unknown

Metathesiophobia is the fear of change, or of changing things. For there to be an actual phobia named after the concept, it must be a popular sentiment.

The question to be asked is “What do you fear?”

If your fear of change is borne from the fear of the unknown, let’s open the curtains and let in the light. Any change that your company might be considering in marketing strategies – be it infinitesimal or all-encompassing – has likely been tried by other companies before you. At CSD Marketing, we know how marketing alterations can impact a company, and we can present those possible effects to you. The fear of the unknown can be cured by uncovering the facts. Just about every company move that has ever been suggested to you can be analyzed from the marketing history books.

Or is it fear of uncertainty

Of course, circumstances surrounding a change of any business operation can be studied to death, but there is no guarantee your change will result in the progress seen in other past scenarios. The fear of taking the next step, even when it seems fairly clear the direction you are headed, can halt all progress.

It’s actually a historical debate – the “look before you leap’’ people against the “he who hesitates is lost” crowd. But, in the case of organizational change, it is possible to protect your company against potential miscalculation. It is possible to make incremental changes, putting your toe in the water to see how it feels. 

No company has ever seen growth due to a failure to act. 

“We don’t need to change”

Things are going well. All elements of company success from the past are still in place. Revenues are acceptable, costs are manageable, your product or service is popular.

You might think ‘Why even consider changing our marketing strategy?’

If, in fact, you are satisfied with the current success of the company, then change is unneeded and undesired. 

However, everyone in the business community of 2021 knows that commerce is not ever going to be conducted again the way it was in 2019. While some elements may return to pre-pandemic patterns, consumers and corporations learned that goals can be achieved without personal contact. The promise of digital commerce to provide streamlined transactions kept the American economy moving in 2020, and there is no reason to think anyone is going to return to non-electronic transactional behavior.

Is your marketing plan operating at full efficiency to respond to the change of consumer culture? Have you considered how marketing is going to work if people continue to social distance and conduct all of their business remotely?

Final Thoughts: Removing the scary 

If you have reason to believe your company needs to be making some marketing changes to take full advantage of the resurgent economy in 2021, please give us a call at CSD Marketing. Our expertise can provide light in an environment where some uncertainty exists. This is especially true for companies who have not massaged their marketing strategies for years. 

It’s time to consider the future of marketing, because it’s a whole new world out there. Change has already come outside of your company; it probably needs to occur inside your company as well. Check out this fresh cover of an old Disney favorite for inspiration…

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