Are blogs still relevant and hold value in 2022? Is it worth spending precious budget, resources, and time creating a business blog in the era of social media? Is it too late to start preparing for a business in 2022? Will hiring an SEO marketing service for your blog requirements give you the desired ROI? 

Are you finding it challenging to get “helpful” answers to these queries? If yes, you’ve just landed in the correct place. 

Blogging is practically as ancient as the internet itself. In its younger days, it offered individuals an opportunity to share their passions with like-minded online users. Around ten years ago, companies and businesses picked up blogging as an active component of their marketing arsenal. 

To those who are wondering if blogging has become obsolete or dead: the answer is no! Blogging has just been resurrected! 

What does that mean? Just like any other marketing technique, blogging is evolving. While some blogging elements which were raging hits in the past might not give you desired results in the current techno-clad era. Therefore hiring a digital marketing company California is the best way to optimize your blog for the modern audience and search engine algorithms.

5 Relevant Blogging Techniques To Attract High-Quality Leads

Focus On Creating Valuable And Quality Content. 

Blogging is a marketing technique that is focused on building relationships. 

Combine your organic marketing with paid PPC management services to get maximum results from your outreach campaigns. 

Make The Blog Easy To Read And Consume

The world is moving at a faster pace. Technology has evolved from type-searching to voice search. Online users want smart and easy-to-consume content. Your blog should provide them with adequate information without making it harder are confusing to read. 

In simple words, people have no time to read essay-like content. 

If you want to convey your marketing message while keeping your content simple and engaging, follow these tricks while working with a digital marketing company California:

Unique Content Is Essential

What if you are told the same story repeatedly every day? The wordings might be different, but the overall thought and structure of the content are the same. Annoying, isn’t it? The same happens to your customer when you blindly copy the blocking techniques followed by your competitors. 

Come up with unique ideas to entice your audience. Wondering where to get fresh ideas?

Reputed SEO marketing and PPC management services will always provide a unique content strategy to keep your audience engaged. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Linking.

Many businesses get scared and completely oppose linking to other blogs.

Their fundamental question is, “Why should I send my audience to another website?

There is not just one but several reasons that you should practice linking in your blogs. 

Linking is an essential component of the SEO marketing service.

Video Blogging Is The New Normal

According to a study conducted by HubSpot, 96% of online traffic increased online video consumption. And 9 out of 10 consumers expressed their desire to see more video content from brands and businesses.

Another staggering fact? Every day, greater than 1 billion hours of videos are viewed on YouTube.

Dying Blogging Techniques You Should Avoid

As discussed previously, blogging has evolved tremendously since its inception. Here are a few blogging techniques that you and your hired blog and PPC management services agency should avoid in the marketing campaigns:

Should You Include Blogging In Your Marketing Campaign?

The answer is definitely yes. Blogging offers several benefits, including keeping your website fresh and updated, enhancing search engine optimization, and providing valuable statistics to your customers.

Blogging is an efficient way of soft selling that can end up giving you an incredible surge in sales figures.