At CSD Marketing, we have always concerned ourselves with the marketing needs of the small business owner. A small business will not succeed in 2022 if it does not “sell” itself, and that is what marketing is for.

But, proper marketing is complicated, layered and, unfortunately, very technical these days. Shouting to the world about your new product or service will not work unless you are shouting appropriately. And it is very difficult for an untrained small business owner to know how to shout appropriately.

Core Strategy Development Plus (CSD+) is a new program designed to speak directly to the marketing needs of solo entrepreneurs or business owners with a small staff. 

  • For the solopreneur, a collaboration with CSD+ is a necessary step. While you are not yet ready to hire your own staff, you can hire professionals who have your best marketing interests in mind and are prepared to work with you to create enough success that you can soon hire your own staff.
  • For the business owner with limited staff, we can work with the people you have, train the ones who have marketing talent, and develop plans which will make the most of both the small staff you currently have and the consultants we provide.


CSD+ has been developed because we have become aware of several key blocks which befall first-time or small business owners when it comes to getting their product or service message delivered to the correct audience.

  • Entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the amount of work, and the number of tasks, required of them to grow their business. Some of those tasks are marketing related, and as much as you believe in your product or service, you still need to introduce yourself to future customers. A solution to this particular problem is to get assistance from a firm that is very much like you: small enough to understand your needs but successful enough to know the marketing path you need to take to succeed yourself. 
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  • The cost of developing your own marketing staff is prohibitive, and might be unnecessary. In our discussion, we will gladly offer advice regarding your marketing needs, and if it is determined that you need your own marketing staff, we will assist you in building such a department. Or, we can show you how working with an outsourced marketing firm can provide you with the promotional needs you have and save you money at the same time.
  • As hard as this is to believe, there are some people who do not understand the role marketing plays. They know it is necessary, but they do not grasp just how vital it is to “sell’’ the value of your product or service. Marketing is an investment in your brand.

One Less Item To Worry About

There are tasks on your to-do list which are complicated and pricey to outsource. Marketing does not add either of those stressors. By working with CSD+, you can get results directed exactly where you want them, and eliminate one item from that lengthy to-do list. And, when marketing concerns pop up on your to-do list again, you have a contact who will immediately address those concerns.


What, Exactly, is CSD+?

By signing up for CSD+, you will receive:
  • An initial meeting with our chef marketing strategist, Courtney Dade, who will discuss your core business points and build an overall strategy that will include a 30-Day Action Plan.
  • A dedicated CSD account manager who will work with you to develop a competitive analysis of your business, and identify new marketing opportunities based on your business goals and needs.
  • Continual coaching and implementation support.
  • Admission to an online community of small business owners and entrepreneurs for networking opportunities.
  • Regularly scheduled check-ins with your account manager.

CSD+ offers assistance with social media posts and optimization, landing pages, content creation, sales funnels and email templates. Visit our specially designed web page for more details. 


May is National Mental Health Awareness Month 

Are you aware of the amount of stress you deal with just in consideration of your marketing needs? 

By eliminating your marketing concerns, how much lower would your stress level be?

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and it is our hope that you will allow CSD Marketing to reduce your stress by discussing your marketing needs and how we can address them with due speed and careful consideration.