We have recently started working relationships with a couple of nonprofits in the health and wellness arena. It is rewarding to work with organizations which are focused on providing assistance to promote healthy lifestyles.

It is a clean way to make a living. When working with nonprofits, there are very specific marketing moves to concentrate on. It is our hope that marketing officers working for nonprofits will see information here that will assist in their current efforts. It might also prompt a call to CSD Marketing to improve their current promotional efforts.

Accept the Freebies

A nonprofit marketing program can start and end by employing the free avenues available for promoting those efforts – email and social media. (Email was invented more than 50 years ago, and became a standard free marketing tool quickly. Social media started right around the turn of the century and also provided mostly free marketing avenues.)

You are going to spend money on preparing marketing materials, even for digital distribution. You want your words to speak properly to your efforts, and you want the graphics to be eye-catching and informative. That requires professional skills for which you need to pay.

But once you have the digital materials you like, distribute them through your available and free digital channels, namely email and social media. Do this first, before you spend on printed displays or published placements. If you are flush enough to spend money on distribution, that’s great. But accept the freebies, and make the most of them.

And the way to make the most of your electronic marketing is to …

Tell Your Story

How is nonprofit marketing different from for-profit marketing? 

It is simple.

You have a story to tell. It’s a story with the goal of a happy ending. 

Your firm is doing good work. Use your marketing efforts to tell your story, again and again. Tug on heartstrings. Help donors see the value in their participation with your organization. Be clear and concise. But do not spare the details. 

Make the most of the natural marketing opportunity of the work your organization does.

Contact CSD Marketing

CSD Marketing is a family-owned small business that not only cares for the clients we have, but cares for the people who engage with our clients. We experience true joy in our work with nonprofits, an emotion you can probably relate to. 

Let’s work together to make the most of your efforts. Hopefully, everyone will benefit from our association.