The pandemic of the last two years has put us all in a position to reinvent ourselves. We are different socially, to be sure. Many of us are different occupationally, either because we lost a job or had to find work in a new profession. Or perhaps we remained with the same company but our duties were altered by new economic realities.

We have had to readjust our family commitments. Our personal finances have been altered, in some cases dramatically. Our futures were either put on hold or changed in dramatic ways.

All of the above alterations occurred on a personal level. But, reinvention also took place in the boardrooms and meeting rooms of American business. It is very likely your company is not the company it was in December of 2019.

The question is whether your customers, clients and business partners are aware of the changes that have occurred within your structure, your function and your purpose.

Who are you?

The first step in any reimagining process is determining who you are and how you have changed.

The specific questions will be different depending on the service or product you sell, but the basic angles are similar.

Many of these questions came about as a direct result of the global crisis created by an unexpected virus. Therefore, it’s not difficult to understand if your company is struggling to answer some or all of these questions. Any uncertainty that exists within your company structure about its present and its future needs to be settled. That is, settled as much as it can be in the continuing battle that exists with the coronavirus and its variant strains.

The answers to these questions are likely to take some time to discover. But, there is some urgency in finding the solutions involved because you have an audience waiting to find out just how you are going to proceed.

If the pandemic has required a major overhaul of your company’s purpose, you will require a new branding philosophy, which will also require a new marketing plan. Even if the impact of the pandemic was slight, your message to consumers is likely going to need to change.

Let’s consider that next step, which is…

Telling your audience who you are

If we assume that almost every company in America has had to do some reevaluation, we can also assume that there has been a far-flung attempt to communicate with clients and customers, both present and future, about how each company has been impacted by the new economic realities of pandemic America.

This is where we at CSD Marketing come in. Like you, we’ve had to reevaluate our own purpose and how we proceed in the new economy. And in our own self-examination, we discovered different methods for getting the word out to our clients and customers about the changes that have occurred to us, and how they can impact those we serve.

Therefore, as you attempt to determine how to explain to your customers and clients the changes that have occurred within your company, consider a consultation with CSD Marketing. You can avoid making mistakes, wasting time, wasting money, or sending the wrong message.

Here are some considerations for us to discuss as you consider re-branding yourself within your marketplace:

  • Has your purpose changed?
  • Have your priorities changed?
  • Have your functions changed?
  • What do your customers and clients need to know about who we are today?
  • Are there functions within your organization that have NOT changed due to the pandemic? Do your customers need to know that as well?

Too many questions!!

The considerations listed above are for those companies who found themselves blistered by the pandemic and are working to determine, create and market a new identity. It’s our goal at CSD Marketing to assist such companies survive and secure their future profitability.

However, if your company was not so much blindsided by the pandemic as it was knocked a bit off-kilter, let us also have a conversation about how you get back on track. A change in messaging or marketing strategy can help you to support current clients in new ways or reach all new customers.

This is a time for companies to reinvent themselves into a position where the future looks bright and new markets can be properly serviced. It’s a great opportunity that you don’t want to waste. Check out our RECONNECT campaign and make your next move.