Everyone missed out on a summer of their lives. Very few people experienced the Summer of 2020 the way they wanted to. Quarantining, social distancing, remote everything, no shopping, no gatherings.


So, as social distancing rules relaxed as many people got vaccinated, people have used the Summer of 2021 as a chance to reconnect with friends and family. Some people are being cautious and others are throwing caution to the wind, but nearly everyone is making some attempt to create opportunities to see and perhaps even touch the people who mean so much to them, the people they missed the most during the Summer of 2020.


We feel the same way about our clients. We feel the need to reconnect.


Who we are

At CSD Marketing and Consulting, we want to be a partner in whatever it is your company is trying to accomplish.


But, it is likely that what you are trying to accomplish has changed in the past 18 months. Your ultimate goal may be the same – the same product or service – but how you are going about delivering your deliverables has gone through some significant alterations.


We would like to talk to you about all of that, to see if you are successfully maintaining your company policies and aims while trying to hit a new and moving target.


Here are some topics we could discuss:


Let’s get physical – or maybe not

Many companies, including some of the largest corporations in America, are still wrestling with whether they will ever go back to full-time office attendance. Many are still arguing with themselves about how a hybrid system will work. Will they leave it up to individual employees? Does everyone have to work with the same physical requirements, in office or remotely?


If you are battling this issue, we would like to discuss your plans. Thinking about such issues is what we do, as we provide guidance that will lead to your success. You have many plans and projects on your desk or top of your mind, and navigating this complicated path toward a settled work environment is not easy.

Let us help.


Are you selling and marketing the same way?

Again, by necessity, you had to alter the way you sold your products and services over the past 18 months. If there was an element of physical approach to your selling pattern, you had to eliminate that and find a new way to promote your wares.


Did it work? Or, perhaps, did it work really well? Are you hoping to return to the face-to-face business outreach from 2019, or are you fine with the remote selling program you set up because you had to?


And, if remote selling worked better than you had anticipated, have you expanded your client or customer outreach? Because of the remote nature of commerce in 2021, are you able to sell your products and services to a wider array of potential customers? Are you less geography-bound than you were before? Are you completely unleashed from a geographic standpoint?


No matter how you answered any of the questions in the above paragraphs, you have a great many details to consider in this new environment. This is another situation where a conversation with an interested outside party (which is what CSD Marketing and Consulting is) would be beneficial.

We all wonder what is next

Every question that we have put forth here is one that we have had to deal with in our own office. We have experienced great change in the past 18 months, and we want to share with you what we have learned about how best to proceed.


Every situation is different, and every company has a different culture to build and protect. But very few companies are going to survive the changes that have taken place, and those that are going to come in the next year, without a great deal of contemplation and planning. Such an exercise takes time. We would like to once again discuss with you your plans for the immediate, and not so immediate, future.


Let’s reconnect. And here’s a fun oldie but goodie, the title of which feels SO appropriate right now…Here’s Peaches and Herb doing “Reunited”…and it feels so good…