Did you know WordPress enjoys a global CMS market dominance with a 64.3% share? Launched in 2003, WordPress has witnessed tremendous growth in the past years due to exercise flexibility. Today, WordPress has emerged as the most celebrated content management system globally.

The Popularity Of WordPress

From personal blogs to highly functional eCommerce websites, the WordPress framework can power almost every type of website. Want to know the eminent brands supported by WordPress? The New York Times, BBC America, The Walt Disney Company, and Angry Birds all have websites built on the WordPress framework.

Want to join the league of industry leaders? Hire the best WordPress development services to build your business website.

Apart from the flexibility and dynamic features, several other factors contribute to the popularity of WordPress.

An experienced WordPress development company in California can help you leverage the benefits of the platform and create a high-performing website.

Why Should You Hire Professional WordPress Development Services?

Professional WordPress development services of several benefits, including:

What Are The Top WordPress Development Services?

1. WordPress Blog Development

If your business involves active blogging, then professional WordPress development is the ideal choice for you. With a highly interesting blog website, you can create and publish fresh content pertaining to your business specialty.

The trend of blogging has emerged as one of the popular ways of content marketing. Freelancers establish a blog to demonstrate their work. Businesses religiously update their blog section to improve audience interaction and help people understand their particular business specialty in a better way.

Professional WordPress blog development includes:

2. WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress plugins give businesses a powerful opportunity to improve the functionality of their website.

You can play with the plethora of features to entice your audience and extend the functionality of your website. The best part? You can enjoy the added functionalities without any code editing.

The best WordPress development services help you create your own plugins. Unique plugins can add customized functionality to your business website and help you stand out from your competitors.

Plug-in development services offered by professional agencies include:

3. Custom WordPress CMS Development

Custom-tailored WordPress CMS development services leverage clean-coded practices such as HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS3 for plugin development, theme customization, and eCommerce development. With professional services from an eminent website development company in California, you can expect the following:

4. WordPress Troubleshooting

WordPress offers several user-friendly features for website development. WordPress troubleshooting is a part of WordPress development services to identify and address database connectivity issues.

Content Management System, commonly known as CMS, is a service offered by WordPress. Sometimes, network errors or backend issues might prevent you from opening the website built on the WordPress framework.

With an experienced WordPress troubleshooting service, you can easily address the functional backend problems and fix any functional errors on the website.

5. Responsive WordPress Theme Development

Responsive WordPress Theme Development

Do you feel your business website lacks responsiveness? Are your competitors gaining more traffic due to your unresponsive web pages? You can benefit from responsive WordPress theme development services provided by the best WordPress development services. The services include:

6. WordPress Migrating and Maintenance Services

In simple words, a WordPress migration is defined as the process of migrating/transferring a WordPress install from a particular server to another without compromising or affecting its functionality. With a professional WordPress development service, you can expect reduced turnaround time for WordPress migration with Zero downtime.

Some features of professional migration services include the following:

7. WordPress SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is not an option or luxury but a necessity for every business. It increases search ranking and traffic and connects you with desirable online users.

WordPress SEO professional services help you think out of the box for optimizing your existing website so that your content is more visible and reaches the target market.

Search engine optimization also makes your website compatible with advanced devices.

Some benefits of WordPress SEO services include the following:

Final Word

Avail of these professional WordPress development services to seamlessly and smoothly run your business with complete peace of mind.